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Wanna own unique design and a custom solar panel? Let us know your specific requirements, and we will do the rest!

We work side by side with the research institute of photovoltaics to deliver novel technologies to the solar market. Our development and manufacturing capabilities allow us to create one of a kind design, custom shaped and sized solar solutions. We offer different solar panel designs for any product integration.

Couleenergy custom solar panels match not only all kinds of rooftops but also building-integrated applications, recreational vehicles, yachts, parking garages, outdoor travel, transportation, lighting fixtures, and more other applications.

From The Design Sketch To Your Dream PV Module In 4 Steps

Step 1: Share your idea with us
Your initial idea could be a hand-drawn sketch, a picture, a description, or any detailed requirements. Whatever it is, we will protect your originality and provide you with a comprehensive professional feasibility assessment. We will help you improve it towards a real hands-on solar product.

Step 2: Perfect the design
Based on our comprehensive knowledge of solar cells, PV materials, manufacturing, project management, and innovation capability, we will provide you with the most professional advice and help optimize your product design.

Step 3: Manufacturing and testing samples
Before mass production, we will first produce samples to check the specifications, materials, and process requirements of the final products or make 3D models for your reference. The samples of the custom solar panels will be subjected to a dozen professional tests in our laboratory.

Step 4: Mass production
At the stage of mass production, one of our dedicated project teams will be responsible for perfecting your design into real solar modules. We will optimize the production line based on the process design and product features. At the same time, a specialized team will perform quality control on-site and deliver a complete product test report.

Flexible manufacturing lines enables us to offer a wide range of customization options. By combining those options it allows us to achieve endless possibilities of variations.

Let’s get in touch to discuss your project, an idea or any other questions regarding our manufacturing possibilities or possible cooperation. We would love to hear from you!

Creat Your Solar Module

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